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Do you want to BUY a Porsche 356 or 912? Or, do you (sadly) want to SELL your 356/912 Porsche? Then sign up for the Maestro's BUY/SELL LIST- Buyers get a chance to purchase their "Dream" Porsche 356 or Porsche 912, and Sellers get ready access to a pool of Serious Buyers, not tire-kickers. Here's How it Works:

Until 1 JUNE 2008, for Buyers desperately seeking a 356 or a 912, the cost is only $95 for one year's Exclusive Listing on the Maestro's BUY/SELL List. (After 1 JUNE 2008, the cost will be $195/year- so HURRY!) If you wish to be the FIRST one called, the cost is $495/year. Buyers must indicate the 356/912 Model Type desired- pre-A/A/B/C Coupe/Cab/Roadster/Speedster/whatever, and a Serious Price Range. (Note: The BUY/SELL List is sorted by Price Range, so don't expect to find "Driver" Speedsters for $3k.)

For a Seller, the Cost is $95/yr. to list each car. Sellers must provide accurate description of the car, (An Independent Inspection by the Maestro, is sometimes possible), and a Firm Selling Price. When a car matches the Type and Price Range of a Buyer, the Buyer is notified and put in contact with the Seller. Buyer and Sellers may negotiate whatever price they desire between themselves. However, if the Seller sells the car through the use of the Maestro's BUY/SELL LIST, then the Seller must remit a Finder's Fee of $1000 to Maestro's Library within 30 days of the Sale of the car, or a Curse will be placed upon both the Car and the Seller.

To sign up for the Maestro's BUY/SELL List, Contact Maestro's Library at (408) 727-1864



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