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Do you have a Porsche 356 or Porsche 912 with Many Miles on it? Good. It's been a lot of FUN, hasn't it? But is your Trusty Steed now stumbling? Is she leaking oil? Burning Oil? Smoking more and you're enjoying it less? Down on Power? Doesn't seem to have that old Get Up and Go anymore? Then what you need is a Maestro-Massage on your Porsche 356/912 Engine! Or maybe an Engine from the Maestro's Shelf- already Rebuilt. Or maybe you want your MaestroMassaged 356/912 Engine built to YOUR Specs. Either way, it will be a Proper Rebuild, done the Right Way, the First Time. The Maestro Balances and Blueprints each and every engine he does, and Test-Runs each Complete Engine before shipping it...Anywhere in the World!

Cranks are Cleaned, Magnafluxed, Ground if necessary- with the Right Radius on the Crank Journals, Polished & Balanced.
Rods are Cleaned, Magnafluxed, Big End Reconditioned, New Wrist Pin Bushings installed and bored on a Bearing Master to ensure same Rod Length, then Balanced end-for-end and Total Weight to less than a gram. (He shoots for 0.1 gram.)
Cams are Cleaned, Measured, and Ground with a MaestroMaster Cam Grind. Worn Oil Pump Drive Slots are repaired. Cam Followers faces are Ground to a Special Spherical Radius.
Cases are Cleaned the Mating Surfaces especially- Torqued together and Measured with a Dial Bore Gauge and Align Bored, if necessary. Racing Modifications like Oil Squirters, Full-Flow Filters or crack repair can also be done then.
Heads are Cleaned, Bead-Blasted, Guides Replaced, all New Valves, New Valve Springs (if desired), Surfaced, Flycut and Conical Cut to match the available pistons. Heads are "CC'd" to determine the Volume of each Combustion Chamber to within 0.1 cc's, so that the Compression Ratio may be accurately set side-to-side to the Customer's (your!) wishes.

All Engine Sheet Metal is Stripped and Powder Painted. Color Choices are Black or Light Gray for the Fan Shroud. Tangerine or Light Gray for the Oil Filter Can. (We can duplicate 356A tangerine Oil Filter Cans with the Black top.) Other Colors are available on request. The hardware is Zinc or Cadmium plated in either "Silver" or "Gold". "Silver" is more appropriate for 356's, while "Gold" Cad was "Stock" for the 912 Series. But you, the Customer can CHOOSE what Color you want. You can even choose to GOLD-PLATE the same Bands and Straps the Factory plated in an inferior material. Gold Plated 356/912 Porsche Engines look GREAT, and have won several Concourses, since unlike Cad or Zinc, GOLD is "Regal" and looks damn good on a 356/912 Engine. Nothing else even comes Close! Of Course, Gold Plating is Optional. We can also rebuild your existing Solex or Zenith Carburetors, or provide a Weber 40IDF or 44IDF Carburetor Set, as you desire. When we rebuild Solexes, we first fully disassemble and clean the carburetor body in an Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath. The Screw threads are "chased", or repaired, and the mating surfaces machined flat. If the Throttle Shaft area is worn, we can bore and install Bronze Bushings to minimize future throttle shaft wear. And if your Throttle Body is likewise worn, we can bore out the Throttle Body and replace the Butterflies with oversize ones.



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