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The Maestro's Transmission Subsidiary has amassed an enviable Record- Several Hundred Porsche 356/912 Transmissions Rebuilt, with NO "Comebacks". That's pretty good odds. Why is this? Because it helps to have Thirty Years Experience Rebuilding Porsche 356 and Porsche 912 Transmissions. (And Yes, we can do a few models of 911 Transmissions too.)
Besides Three Decades of Experience, it also helps to have the Proper Porsche Factory Tools- Tools that today are Completely Unavailable, unless someone with them dies and wills them to you. The Special Tools are needed to set up things like the Ring & Pinion or the shift forks properly. It also helps to disassemble the Transmission completely, and clean and inspect all the Parts. Check the Differential Carrier for Cracks and repair if possible. Otherwise replace. With the many years of Experience comes the ability to tell BEFOREHAND what will work and what won't! Which Gears will make no noise, some noise or a lot of noise. And act accordingly. Which is why we're NOT a fan of the "Italian" Ring & Pinion. We can also repair Transmissions that have been badly "Butchered" by Turkeys, (As more and more are these days), although to make Silk Purses out of Sow's Ears, we need to start with pretty good Sow's ears. If you'd like to experience the "Hot Knife Through Butter" shifting sensation with a MaestroMaster 356/912 Porsche Rebuilt Transmission, with all new Bearings and Synchros, and a properly adjusted Ring & Pinion, give the Maestro a call at 408-512-3862...




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